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Transparent definition is – having the property of transmitting light without appreciable scattering so that bodies lying beyond are seen clearly : pellucid. How to use transparent in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of transparent.


Transparent definition, having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. See more.

Dec 31, 2017 · When the Pfefferman family patriarch makes a dramatic admission, the entire family’s secrets start to spill out, and each of them spin in a different direction as they begin to figure out who they are going to become. Starring Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, Amy Landecker, Jay

Transparent (TV Series 2014–2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Free online tool to Make transparent background images, which instantly removes any background color of image easily. Drop image in tool, then click background color of image to remove and make transparency. Also set color strength to detect and remove neighbour colors. Once process completed, preview will be displayed in canvas and download button will be enabled.

This tool replaces any solid color and its close color tones in a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) photo or picture with transparent pixels. To match similar color tones, enter the

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transparent allows objects to be seen clearly through it: clear water is transparent; crystalline Not to be confused with: translucent – permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that objects are not clearly visible: a translucent lampshade; lucid: a translucent description trans·par·ent (trăns-pâr′ənt, -păr′-)


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Sep 26, 2016 · The Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning series TRANSPARENT returns for a third season. The Pfefferman family splinters into disparate journeys on their continued path of self-discovery. After a jarring reality check, Maura seeks to become the woman she envisions through gender confirmation surgery. All paths converge on a family cruise to Mexico, affirming that though their

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